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When I feel someone’s excitement in choosing one of my pieces, I am energized to create more. I have always enjoyed the light that comes through a sun catcher. I wanted to bring this same effect into the rest of the home. Glass is an excellent medium for complementing light.

My unique lamps are made with combinations of recycled glass from bottles, fusible glass I create myself, and interesting stained glass. Some of these I will tumble for a beach glass effect and others I put in my kiln. Sometimes I use both technique for really unique elements. Next I came up with an original method of wire wrapping the glass to the shade like it was a material. This free form method allows me to create very individual looking lamps. Finally, I often create my own luminary frames to achieve my vision.

I make my work to be touched and enjoyed. It is meant to add color and light to a space. It is important that my work be functional as well as beautiful. When my lamps are turned on and I see someone’s smile I know it worked.

About Berrie Creative Lighting